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Happy Valentine's 2018

These photos are from a walk through their neighborhood green belt. We spent their session letting Q and N have fun showing me their treasures and special spots. This is the essence of what I want to create during my Children's Lifestyle Sessions. To capture your child where they are now.

Posed photos will be taken along the way, but documenting their thinking and the moments that show their character as it is now is the goal. It is a play date with a bulky camera following them around.

First thing I do, is ask questions, have them ask me questions. Take a few photos and show them how they look in the camera. Show them how some of the buttons work, and off we go!

Keeping the kiddos moving and interacting lowers the stress levels while keeping the energy and fun levels high. It is a good way to catch some solid images you will be able to treasure as the years pass. ~ Kimberlee

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