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Who's ready to learn some new skills... I am!

I’m ready to learn some new skills! I've watched the Newborn Studio twice so far to learn the details of the more stylized newborn photos to try out with my lovely model, Miss G.

Obviously, I can always use more tips in handling our direct... oftentimes... harsh/direct sun conditions we have most everyday. Work around the conditions, don't miss the perfect moments because of the harsh sunlight.

‘The Workshop’ promises a variety of locations and styles... including a more ‘boutique’ and stylized look for those of you looking for little princess images. Probably the most diverse collection of videos... can't wait to add these skills to my photography!

My first workshop was Meg Bitton’s 'No Excuses' - an incredibly educational set of videos teaching basic skills on capturing your vision with your camera to create those timeless treasures we all value so much.

~Kimberlee Bray

Owner/Photographer of Spunky Diva Photography

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